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These saffron were absolutely delightful. The aroma was fresh & strong, and it added a lovely amber colour to my dish. Thank you very much for this. A delighted and happy customer.

Kounain Syeda

I used Mughals Choice Saffron in lamb Biryani and its flavours & aroma clearly stood out. I have been making Biryani for years but this time the taste stood out due to this saffron. We made Roat too and that too turned out very flavourful.

Anwar S

I have been using saffron ever since I started cooking. However these saffron are markedly different. Also love the beautiful tin box and what more it comes with a free magnet to use the box as a fridge magnet

Felicity S

Very happy with this saffron. Very happy with this saffron. Being a Chef, I have been using saffron for more than 15 years and these is one of the best I have used. The colour and the flavours is very authentic

Gabriel T

I highly recommend Mughals Choice Saffron to anyone without hesitation. The red colour, the texture of the saffron as they were getting diluted in the milk was very rich so also the taste of the dish.

Alawis A

My paella came out very flavoursome this time and I could feel the distinct taste of saffron in it. Glad I found this brand. Highly recommend it.

Joyce N

I received a sample of this brand and can’t recommend it enough. It came in a cute little tin box with a free magnet which I can use as a fridge magnet.

Ahmed K

Love this saffron as the flavours are the best I had so far. Its adding an extra layer to my dishes. The colour of the saffron is red and flavours are just amazing

Jill T.